Shakti - self defense for girls

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Sonja Kabbashi-Andjelkovic
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Osman Kabbashi
Simon Becker
BMS Founder Sonja at Shakti project event, India

Who we are

Business Makes Sense e.V. launched in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. “We need to transform the way we do economy” is the common belief held by the founders who invest their time and efforts into a new and sustainable model for the future.
We firmly believe that business must take into consideration both environmental and social wellbeing - regardless of gender, nationality or belief system.
We also believe that these standards must be combined with a fair and integral economy. Our guidelines are the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The NGO Business Makes Sense from Berlin / Germany has successfully initiated the project "Shakti" India

What we do

We believe the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if more economic initiatives base their operations on the triangular model: Ecology-Economy-Society.
That’s why we work with active people in developing countries and emerging economies that make people self-resilient and help improve living conditions. The idea is to bring together civil society, individuals and companies to work together. Our financing comes from donations.

BMS Founder Sonja with Shakti project manager Khartik & his wife, India
BMS Founder Simon, with Shakti partner Mr. Krishna, Taekwondo Matrix Academy and project manager Khartik, India

Our guideline

Let’s help change society by supporting the transition to a green economy.
Let’s empower people to become self-reliant through entrepreneurial activities.
Sonja Kabbashi-Andjelkovic, BMS Founder

Our Philosophy

we need to change the way we do economy

Project Shakti - India

Shakti – self-defence Giving girls in India the tools they need for self-defence and self-reliability

Children with disabilities

Rwanda: Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups in society

Project MUDFISH NO PLASTIC - East Indonesia

Stopping this calamity from killing the colorful life in our oceans is an effort that requires large initiatives on a global scale


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The board

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Postfach 31 02 04
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