Code of Conduct for the collaboration between Buisness Makes Sense (registered NGO) and institutions of the civil society, individuals and enterprises

Intent and purpose of this Code of Conduct is to present an ethical basis for the cooperation. The Code of Conduct is part of the cooperation agreement and through their signature the signatorys agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is binding for all international offices and it is part of the contractual agreement between BMS Germany and the respective office.

1.Faith, Honesty and Truthfulness

are the basis of our cooperation. This means that we treat each other courteously and cooperatively and treasure good relationships amongst us. Communication and willingness to cooperate will define our collective work.
Information will be treated confidentially and will be carefully administrated, also beyond the time of cooperation. No partner will pass on personal information from other partners to third parties. This also applies to documents created during the cooperation. Exempt from this are reports made for the public, as well as studies. Addresses may not be passed on, unless this is done with the permission of the directorate or the contact person of the cooperation partner.

2. Respect and Appreciation of Each Others Work

We welcome active engagement of our cooperation partners with our members. The cooperation partners do not blockade each other, nor do they plot against each other. Assessments about people or their activities to third parties are rejected. Contact establishment is done in an appreciative way.

3. Transparency

Transparency relating to goals, activities, successes and failures, as well as financial transparency is respected. The cooperation partners bind themselves to maintain this transparency, by observing the, in the agreement determined, reporting commitment.

4. Appearance of Collaborative Projects

Business Makes Sense was founded, to mobilise for the establishment of a socially and environmentally sustainable global economy. The barriers between society and economy will therefore increasingly vanish, and our current growth-based economic model will be replaced by a sustainable one. All NGO members identify with this goal and represent it. Partners we cooperate with are expected to share our idea and goal and if possible, represent it publicly. The joint projects may not contradict our goal or work against it.

5. Exclusion Criteria in the Cooperation

Business Makes Sense is based on the „Frankfurt-Hohenheimer guideline“, to implement project-based ethical guidelines. We believe, that each and every act - economical or social - relies on moral standards.
The projects conducted by the Business Makes Sense, reject hurtful practices against human rights, the environment commited by individuals or institutions.
Signatories to an agreement with us commit themselves to rejecting any cooperation with individuals/ institutions that:

  • deal with weapons or drugs
  • discriminate against certain ethnic groups
  • exercise a marketing practice, that kills or harms people
  • force people into harmful acts
  • distribute products that are medically questionable, or illegal (also if the distribution of that product is not illegal or questionable in different countries)
  • support regimes or political figures that defy human rights
  • support child labor and slavery
  • supress local products with export
  • buy raw materials for an inhumane price, and leave the people they exploit in despair
  • cooperate with regimes that threaten people because of their ethnicity, their opinion, their sexuality, or their religious beliefs
  • force their values upon other people with force
  • monopolise and want to take aways other businesses' chances
  • try to undermine local products with aggressive marketing
  • lie about the quality of their products
  • are corrupt and bribe others for their advantage
  • manipulate others
  • are members of a proven manipulative sect
  • export toxic waste
  • destroy biodiversity
  • defy privacy rights
  • are previously convicted for offences that violate human dignity
  • do not obey any Code of Conduct
  • harass their co-workers, deny them their rights or threaten them

I have read the given Code of Conduct thoroughly, understood and accepted it. I agree to committing and respecting it.

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